How to Break In a Couch Quickly

How to Break In a Couch Quickly

Try these four tricks so you can get comfy right away.

When you buy a new couch, you want it to be the comfiest, coziest place to binge your favorite shows and lounge with loved ones. Unfortunately, at times new couches can be stiff and may need to be broken in.

The truth is that, over time, couches soften from repeated use. That means there's no reason to worry—your firmer couch will eventually soften and become a comfy haven, and if you picked a durable couch type, you'll get to enjoy the well-earned coziness for years to come. 

However, if you want to speed up the process, here are four tricks you can try to break in your couch quickly. 

1. Walk All Over the Cushions

It might feel weird to stand on your couch cushions, but it's a good way to distribute all of your weight onto small sections of the couch.

Lay the cushions on a clean floor. Put on a clean pair of socks (or wash your feet) and walk all over the surface of the cushions for a couple of minutes. Walk back and forth so the entire surface has been walked on. Make sure to pay attention to both sides of the back sofa cushion as you walk across them for an even distribution of pressure.

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Flip over the cushions and continue walking on them. Put the cushions back on the couch and test their softness. You may have to repeat the process a few times.

2. Replace the Inserts

When it comes to the firmness of the foam in your seat cushion, unfortunately, your sofa hasn't had the extra benefit of being broken in by shoppers at the showroom. The initial firmness comes from the quality of the foam is a D38 (Luxe Density) Foam, this foam will last 8-10 years and hold its shape but does start off firmer. Don't worry, it softens up and becomes less firm over time!

Foam come in varying degrees of firmness, kind of like mattresses. If yours are too firm for your liking, seek out a local reupholstering business. They specialize in this exact type of project and can help you swap out the included inserts with something softer and more plush. This requires a bit of time and effort (and it will cost you), but it’s a guaranteed way to make your couch more comfortable.

3. Sit and Lay On It—A Lot

To get your couch as soft and comfortable as possible, you need to break it in manually. Seriously, kick your feet up!

This one takes time, but we think it's time well-spent. Sit and lay on your sofa as much as possible throughout the day to squish the cushions under your weight. Bounce up and down a few times to compress the cushions and break down the foam insert a little. Shuffle the cushions around and flip them periodically so they soften evenly.

It helps if you can get a friend or family member to help you. The more weight distributed throughout the cushions, the better.

4. Accessorize With Throw Pillows and Blankets

When all else fails, throw pillows and throw blankets will come in handy. Even the coldest, firmest couch feels a little more cozy when you add some soft surfaces to the mix. This is a fun and decorative way to make your couch more comfortable, and you can change out the throw pillows and blankets with the season.


Lay a thick comforter on the couch as you wait for the cushions to break in. The comforter will act like a pillow top and provide some softness.

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