Limited Warranty

Warranty Coverage

The warranty covers manufacturing defects in CouchHaus furniture. This warranty coverage starts from the date of delivery, not when your furniture is unboxed. If a repair is needed, we will arrange local repair services, or will provide an alternative solution, e.g. replacement, should the issue be unable to be repaired.

Frame Warranty

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Coverage: Covers any metal or solid wood structural failures from residential, non-commercial use.

Soft Parts Warranty

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Coverage: Applies to any manufacturer’s defects or shipping damage to our fabric, cushions, upholstery, threading, piping, buttons, zippers, rubber components, and adhesive parts.


  • Materials: Does not cover marble, paint, leather, metal finish, fabric, fiberglass, foams, plywood, rugs, veneers, cushioning, and coating materials.
  • Conditions: Excludes damage from abuse, misuse, acts of nature, animal damage, burn marks, fading, staining, mildew, compression of cushion fillings/fiber, and outdoor use.

Claim Process

  • Repair or Replacement: CouchHaus will decide whether to repair or replace the item at their discretion.
  • Replacement Parts: Provided at no charge for both frame and soft parts, including shipping and handling.
  • Local Repairs: CouchHaus will arrange local repair services at no cost to the customer.


The warranty is transferable to a new owner if the furniture is sold or gifted within the warranty period. The original owner must contact CouchHaus with the new owner’s information to transfer the warranty.

No-Hassle Returns

A 30-day trial period is available from the date of delivery, with a restocking fee of 50% and return shipping costs applicable.

Customers must contact CouchHaus to initiate a return, ensuring the item is in original condition and packaging.

In-Home Repairs

In-home repair services may be available for minor issues that do not require the furniture to be taken away. In-home repairs are available where local service providers can perform the work, and repair visits can be scheduled at a time convenient for the customer.


Warranty is only valid within Canada and will be voided if the item is shipped by a third party outside of Canada.

How To Get Service

For any warranty inquiries please fill out and submit a form on the Customer Resolution Center. Make sure to include your order number, a description of the issue, and pictures or videos of the product.

Provincial Law

This warranty provides specific legal rights; other rights may vary by province or state.

Changes to Terms and Conditions and to Site. CouchHaus reserves the right to modify or change the terms of use of this site with or without notification.