30 Under 30: Harrison Gordon and Paige Sandher are thinking outside the box with custom sofas

30 Under 30: Harrison Gordon and Paige Sandher are thinking outside the box with custom sofas

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Harrison Gordon and Paige Sandher, 26 + 27

Co-founders, CouchHaus

Life Story: Can dropshipping be a love language? For Surrey-raised Harrison Gordon and Paige Sandher, it sure seems that way. At 17 years old, Gordon decided not to pursue post secondary education and started some side hustles—a clothing company out of his car, a couple dropshipping businesses he eventually sold, a marketing agency. Then he met Sandher and helped her start a jewellery biz. “We did dropshipping together,” says Gordon, “and we’ve been in business ever since.”

They’re also engaged to be married next year, but already have what they call their first baby—CouchHaus, a direct-to-consumer, couch-in-a-box brand founded in 2021 that allows buyers to customize their sofas.

“We had gone furniture shopping ourselves and just weren’t finding exactly what we wanted,” recalls Sandher. “What was out there wasn’t customizable and it was expensive. Knowing that we had already worked with manufacturers abroad, we wondered how we could do this ourselves in a more cost-effective way. With Harrison’s entrepreneurial spirit, he was like...”

“Let’s start a business!” says Gordon, finishing Sandher’s sentence. CouchHaus allows customized sizing, fabrics and a handful of other features at its boutique showroom in Langley. All the products are designed here and produced overseas in Shanghai. Asked about the competition in the online furniture market, Gordon contends that customization is where CouchHaus separates itself.

“With most of those, like Article and Sundays, they have what they have and don’t budge on it,” he says. “We’re able to do customizations for people where maybe they have a tight space, or they’re looking for something specific or we’re able to do made-to-order furniture for them. Traditionally, with made-to-order locally, you’re looking at a four-to-six-month turn-around. We’re able to flip that within two or three months.”

Bottom Line: CouchHaus has brought in more than 1000 orders and has hit multiple seven figures in revenue in its over two years in business.

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