Buy a Couch, Buy Plant 100 Trees with CouchHaus

Buy a Couch, Buy Plant 100 Trees with CouchHaus

Buy a Couch, Buy Plant 100 Trees with CouchHaus

CouchHaus is an innovative furniture brand that has partnered with the non-profit to plant 100 trees every time one of their couches is purchased. One couch at a time, CouchHaus is supporting the Earth’s vital ecosystem.

When purchasing from a company, many are moving towards a desire to support eco-friendly and sustainable brands. The Earth needs support from everyday consumers and the companies they purchase from. It often goes beyond just the products being provided. Consumers want to see that these companies are making efforts to really make that green difference. 

CouchHaus is a brand that goes above and beyond to heal the environment. This Canadian furniture company has partnered with to plant 100 trees every time they sell a couch. These efforts are global, with trees being planted all across the world. 

CouchHaus as a company

CouchHaus is part of a revolutionary movement of direct-to-consumer sales. They make their own couches with their own factories and skip the traditional markup that comes with distribution channels. 

Co-founder Paige Sandher conceptualized CouchHaus when she asked how to make custom furniture shopping easier or more accessible. She had spent a lot of time shopping and looking for the right furniture for her house and ultimately decided to create her own instead. She wanted to customize dimensions, have more fabric offerings, and to choose the softness of the seat.

CouchHaus has a quick, easy “build your own” couch method in which the customer can select what they want, from size to color. They can even choose the materials used and what they want the cushions filled with. All couches are custom-made to fit anyone’s home. 

How CouchHaus is giving back

CouchHaus is partnered with to give back to their community and the Earth. is about the forest garden approach to farming. The trees being planted are beneficial for small farmers as they produce dozens of food crops. 

They aren’t just beneficial because of the food they provide or the help they give to farmers. Trees can restore degraded land, capture carbon to improve the air, aid in bringing back biodiversity to local ecosystems, and they can prevent the land from being overused and damaged again in the future. The program CouchHaus works with is also empowering women, requiring that 30% of the farmer groups are made up of women.

Many current practices are taking land and overusing it to produce, which leads to degraded land that has lost its ability to support growing anything. Planting trees instead helps make land use sustainable while producing an abundance of crops. 


With CouchHaus, consumers are not only getting a custom-made couch that they know will fit their décor perfectly. They’re also getting the knowledge and satisfaction that they’re making a big difference for the environment and the Earth with the planting of 100 trees. 

CouchHaus is giving back to their community and the Earth with every sale made while providing custom-made couches that they know will fit décor and size preferences, anywhere from less than 5 feet up to more than 15 feet, perfectly.

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